After some pretty heavy injuries over the last 2 years, Iv struggled immensely to find motivation and form to get back to where I once was physically and mentally has been a struggle, as some of my injuries had me at square one, thinking that even a push up would be impossible. Iv come a long way since that day??

Iv been buying supplements since the day I started training, some that work and some that don’t, it’s been a theme of trial and error until a few months ago, when I was contacted by the team @ndosupps to try a few of their recovery supplements, which I now cannot go a day without. I train all week and play on weekends, I occasionally play a 2nd game of league for fun on a Sunday, just because I can and my body feels great. Rewind before I started taking supplements from NDO, in particular #recov, there is NO way that I would have even contemplated doing the amount of playing and training that I am now doing. This isn’t just another supplement company, these guys have cures for all different ailments, Iv never posted about this before and that’s because I have never believed in anything as good as their products.

I have been fortunate enough to be offered a position as part of the @ndosupps team, a team filled with a bunch of Beasts, Olympic Medalists and Athlete’s that dominate their sports. As @ndosupps first ball sports athlete I am super stoked and honoured to be apart of it all. ????‍♂️?☝???

Here at Hardazbodz we have been using Recov with all our comp prep clients with amazing results since late 2012. Nothing beats them for better recovery, focus and endurance. We place a high importance on the body’s absorbtion and utilisation of amino acids peri workout. Focus and endurance can be a real challenge when dieting to the extreme and Recov definitely help. The quality of this product is like no other. Some results with our clients:

2015 NABBA Queensland & Australian Open & Overall Figure Champion

2015 IFBB Queensland Tall & Open Figure Champion

2016 WFF Queensland Mens Class 3 & Overall Champion

2016 WWF Queensland and Australian Masters Figure Champion

Hardazbodz Comp Prep Coaches

Ildiko Gaspar (2014 WFF Universe Figure Champion & 2013 NABBA Miss World runner up) & Daniel Delahunty

Dan Delahunty


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