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Recov is the product we should all be taking regardless of our lifestyle, age or environment.

All protiens are made of building blocks called amino acids. To make all the proteins that your body needs you require all 22 amino acids, ten are considered essential as you cannot synthesize them in your body you have to obtain them from food and the rest you can manufacture yourself from fats, carbohydrates and other amino acids.

If you do not obtain get all amino acids being all 22 of them it results in aging, muscle loss and deterioration of our bodies and much more issues. In other words if we are functioning (alive) we are depleting our amino acids every day, we are only absorbing on average around 30-35% of what we should from our diets and because we do not store excess amino acids for later use we need to be replacing them everyday.

Recov contains all 22 amino acids and is what is considered highly potent in that it is raw ,derived from a biological source and is rapidly absorbed because it is already in amino acid form. If you imagine the inside of your gut when you injest protein it has to break it all down into peptide form which is small enough molecules that can be absorbed though the intestinal walls then shuttled around your body to build your protein cells. Our bodys dump enzymes onto the protein which break them all down which can be an exhausting process for some, specially with all the flavors, fillers, preservatives and chemicals that are put into our foods  with that in mind: if Recov is already in amino acid form and contains nothing but this raw biological protein then it gets absorbed immediately in 15 mins max you are giving your body what it needs to function by simply taking a few pills.

For all the body builders and guys or girls that are trying to get bigger muscles out there: if your muscles are made of protein and amino acids are the building blocks that make up protein then if your taking them before and after you work out your not only giving your body the fuel it needs to train but in replacing it right after your also taking advantage of the anabolic window and you will gain and hold a lot more muscle mass. Because your also replacing what you depleted you will also see you will not get tired easy and you will also reduce the chances of getting “doms” or lactic acid build up if your getting enough amino acids.


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